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There is not much content

With only basic play, there is no conversation, no story, no pregnancy expression.

It is a game that you play pranks and commit as you go.

By advancing the hidden conditions, you will be able to advance the day.

(If you think you have failed, you can start over immediately.

If it's difficult, see the tips.

Of course, this work also has a body belly (4 levels in size during pregnancy).

After clearing the GOOD end, the girl's facial expression will change by shifting to the future mode.

I think one game can be completed in less than 10 minutes, but to advance the hidden elements

I think it will be difficult if you don't play it several times.

In order to get pregnant, you have to advance those hidden elements, so if you want to conceive or play the future mode, please do your best.

Hope you enjoy that .

P/s Lười dịch -((

Thể loại : Simulation, molestion, uniform, school girl,...

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