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Genres: Fantasy,VisualNovel.....

Publisher: Yuzusoft

Ngôn ngữ English 

 Size: 7.7GB 
Dandle Sanji (dandle a Mitsu shade)
Dandle Sanji (dandle a Mitsu shade); CV: sawa*sahane
The classmate of the main character. Straightness is sociable, and is loved brightly by everybody.
The cute figure becomes the topic triggered by having been interviewed by a certain case; such as the slight Idol came.
Size of the breast is E Cups. With --, announce it, but it is the Size which I piled with a pad.
The fact is a dream within a dream including the E Cups in modest Size.
Feign the character, and be originally lazy, and be apt to stay indoors, and be human beings liking the which there is in one.

Arihara Nami (ariharananami)
Arihara Nami (ariharananami) CV: kusuharayui
The Younger Sister of the main character. There is not the connection of the blood.
Housework almighty. Be obedient, and, if anything, have a quiet character.
The character that I am bashful in front of strangers first, but am easy to get close to if I throw off my reserve.
Work as a support worker in an organization, and be the fellows of the main character.
Take care of the older brother diligently while complaining.
There is a part suffering from a Yaya self-conscience stage in puberty.

Shikibu Mayu (shikibemayu)
Shikibu Mayu (shikibemayu) CV: Jun Nishizono summer
The senior of the academy. Repeat repeating the same grade, and intend, and do not graduate.
Be calm atmospheres, but may usually behave like a baby like a Tokidoki child.
Possess a laboratory of the Kojin in an academy, and usually study ability in a laboratory of the So.
Seem to be proud of serving coffee deliciously proudly.

House of Article 2 feather  (nijoinhazuki)
House of Article 2 feather (nijoinhazuki) CV: Haruka Sora
The dormitory leader of the dormitory where it is a classmate, and main characters live in.
The honest character that I am very earnest, and a sense of responsibility is strong.
The existence that often warns other Student from character of the So and the situation called the superintendent of a dormitory, but there is the Koto given a wide berth, and is rather relied on.
Like Historical, and the DVD does complete, too.

Mibu Chisaki (see it, and bloom)
Mibu Chisaki (see it, and bloom) CV: The summer sum small
Is the younger student of the academy; a classmate of the Arihara Nami of the Younger Sister.
The active Girls which has high communicative competence so as to call out to Nami bashful in front of strangers.
The small body which adult-like clothes do not match is an inferiority complex.
But do not stretch itself forcibly, and keep the clothes appropriate to one's body in mind.
While I did so it, as well as one's clothes, came to be interested in overall fashion.

Suo Kyohei (suokyohei)
Suo Kyohei (suokyohei) CV: Flower garden Mei
The boy of the classmate of the main character.
Is friendly; shyness is not timid.
Be the human beings who are basically cheerful, and are cheerful, but may have square it when be judged to be Girls only with a figure.
However, do not dislike one's figure.

Kaori Kakimoto (the liver and Kaori)
Kaori Kakimoto (the liver and Kaori) CV: Of the parry Mari
The teacher in charge of academy.
May be thought to have a cold character by an atmosphere of the So, but there is not such a thing in particular, too.
The teacher who answers for a question of the Student carefully.
Study the ability at the same time to be Teacher.

zaihara*korekai (arihararyunosuke)
zaihara*korekai (arihararyunosuke) CV: Bower gatsu which one does not leave
A main character, Akira Arihara and a step father of the Arihara Nami.
Love two people as a family.
The work works for the cleaning company. Is --, but actually belong to the concealment organization; the boss of main characters.

Atsushi Ise period (shirr it, and raise A)
Atsushi Ise period (shirr it, and raise A) CV: Article 1 sum arrow
The director of Institute of Tachibana flower.
The eyes of the prejudice are still affirmative for a certain astral ability, too.
If "become the go-between with an ability person and the general public……"
There was such thought, too, and made an effort for the establishment of Institute of Tachibana flower.



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