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Original title: パニカル・コンフュージョン
Romaji title: Panical Confusion
Released: 2015.03.27
Company: エスクード


Magic has been passed down for generations in the Magicians’ Village, where it has remained closely guarded. However, one day, a girl Honoka who yearned for the outside world ran away. The village elders feared that the existence of magic would be made public, so they ordered fellow magic disciple Kenji to bring her back, by force if necessary.
He found her at Kimishiro Gakuen in Takagahara, happily living the normal school life which she had wanted. Even though he was hesitant upon seeing her happy for once, he decided to take her home in the interests of the village and confronted her on the school’s rooftop. However, his classmates Ayame and Nanaho were caught in the magic barrier that they put up. When Kenji tried to protect them from Honoka’s attacks, there was a sudden explosion. It appeared that a spell was cast upon them all, making them get into all sorts of naughty situations! Honoka and Kenji agreed to remain until they figure out how to lift the spell.

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