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This game uses Google Translate and comes with all CG archives
All materials in the game are genuine license

Plot summary:
"Harris" is an excellent bounty hunter.
He received a commission from the Adventurer’s Guild to find the missing girl and embarked on the adventure
When I came to Hagar town, I met the shy and cute girl next door "Anna", and the two fell in love.
Later, when recruiting teammates, I met the sturdy slut warrior "Adoni" who was looking for teammates at the same time.
There is also "Kagura", a female ninja who likes to excitement by ghosts and animals. You join them in the adventure and gradually enter their hearts~
Since then, I am full of love on the road of adventure~

Game features:
Go on an adventure with the protagonist and gain love on the way.
Easy to use turn-based combat with rich strategies.
Various professions and unique skills, each profession has powerful nirvana.
The monsters who avoid by walking, choose to fight relatively freely.
Equipped with a synthesis system to make the game experience more interesting. 



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