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Release: Jun/21/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, Dot/Pixel, 3D Works, Elf/Fairy, Fantasy, Rape, Bestiality, Animal Ears
File size: 265.55 MB

This is an official English version but the translation quality is like an MTL so I marked it as that.

A Tale of Seven Tribes
Seventh World is a royal fantasy RPG based on the concept of "Seven Tribes".
In addition to the new adventurer Jean and his partner, the fairy Frau, there are four heroines and many other attractive characters.
You can enjoy a variety of erotic situations in the world of fairies, elves, and other unique fantasy works.

The four main heroines
There are four heroines.
Each of them has a romance value, which changes depending on how the events proceed and what they do in battle.

Many other appealing characters appear.
In addition to the heroine, there are many other attractive characters.

A 3D map with beautiful quarter-view dot paintings!
Adventure through beautiful 3D maps with dot-drawn characters.

The ending of the game changes depending on the love value of the heroines and other factors.
Enjoy the adventure with your favorite characters.




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