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Developer: dorgel
Publisher: WASABI entertainment
Release: 1 Jul, 2021
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Turn-based Combat, Female Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Monsters, Big Ass, Big Tits, Animated, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Creampie, Rape, Monster Girl, Tentacles, Group Sex, Groping, Multiple Penetration, Loli
File Size: 1 GB

This game is a Dark Fantasy RPG featuring an eye-eyed girl who slashes through anyone and anything that stands in her way.

Refia, a young female Dark Elf knight, lost a battle to obtain supremacy of darkness.
By the curse of the Black Dragon, Refia lost all powers to perform her Special Attacks.
Refia, with her twin attendants, barge into the dens of evil with her sword to regain her glory.
Fight on, using Refia’s matchless, powerful consecutive sword attacks!

Game feature:
・Dark Fantasy RPG featuring cross-key sword commands to slash the enemies.
Easy Mode available for players who may find the commands difficult.
Mode settings can be changed via the menu screen.
・Dungeon is not in a maze form, but you must fight for your life in consecutive battles.
・Beautiful effects and animations.
・A bonus game after the game credits...





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