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かぐら ~心を取り戻して~

Circle: yamadakoubou
Release: Mar/03/2018

Genre: Moe, Fetish, Dirty Talk, Polygon, Anime, Girl

“VR-enabled limited time offer Windows/Android
discounted bundle.
A game with simple controls where you restore the mind of a girl without emotions and it gets more erotic as you go.”

If you can’t use VR, or don’t have the time then you can play in regular mode.
VR mode allows you to appreciate a view from many angles,
while regular mode also has many camera angles to choose from.
The game gets more sexual as you progress.
There are 4 adult videos as well.

・Before purchasing, please confirm that the game works on your Android/Windows device by downloading the trial version.
※The game may not run on certain devices or Android versions.

・VR capability is for the Android version, and is not available on the Windows version.
Additionally, to utilize the VR capability a VR headset where you place a smartphone into it is required.
※VR smartphone headsets are available for a low price at sites such as Amazon.




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