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Release: Nov/14/2020
Translator: Nitrostat
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Totally Happy, Male Protagonist, Breasts, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Heartwarming, Fantasy, Harem, Internal Cumshot, Vanilla, Romance, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Oral Sex, Harem
File size: 879.74 MB

Note: For text-rendering, it is recommended to either install the fonts that are in the root folder or to run the game with a jpn app-locale emulator

You've started work at an old old spring inn in the mountains. It's definitely seen better days...
But with the help of the clumsy owner, the hungry chef, an old-fashioned fisherwoman,
and even a hot spring goddess, you can be on top once more!
Adventure and cute girls await!

A slow life RPG that's still packed with adventure!
It's a real game, AND it's porn! With plenty of endings, too!
No NTR, defeat sex, or depressing stuff!
It's safe, it's sexy, and anyone can play it when they need to relax!

Features collecting, farming, cooking, fishing, and bug hunting!
All the features of a nice, laid-back country life.
Features simple battles even beginners can enjoy.
Fight with everything from swords and bows to pans and pants!
Plenty of skills to use, and over 100 items to collect!
24 base CGs + pose art



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