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バニーブラック 2

Publisher/Developer: SofthouseChara
Translators: Seiha Translations
Release: Japanese 2012-01-27 English Translated on 2016-01-26
Genre: RPG ,Dungeon Crawling Game,Tongue-in-cheek, Polygamy, Protagonist with Sexual Experience, ADV, Rapist Protagonist, Male Protagonist, High Sexual Content, Demons

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Mount BUNNYBLACK2.mdf using favourite program [eg. PowerISO]
3- Click install.EXE and install (Window 10 users must run in compatibility mode for windows 7)
4- Paste in installed directory Bunny Black 2 English Patch v1.06
(Please Read the README Info Before APPLYING)
5- Click on BunnyBlack2.EXE to start playing.

The adventurer Dachs had been bestowed great magical power and eternal life by the maou, and in return he serves as her underling. However, he was dragged into a revolt by the maou’s army and ended up becoming the new maou. He made the previous maou his wife and brought peace to the labyrinth known as the ‘maou’s forest’… but it was soon shattered by some unknown troops who quickly took over half of the forest. After he found out through captured warriors that they were under the command of a group of three women from the heavens, he gathers his troops to launch a counterattack at the angels’ base.​




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