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Circle: Tanpakusitsu
Release: Mar/30/2021
Product format: Action, RPG
Genre: 3D Works, Knee Socks, Fantasy, Violation, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Forced Oral/Irrumatio, Twin Tail
File size: 8.3 GB (16 GB)

The incubus returns...
A new adventure of blood and hope unfolds in the ruined land of Camlann, tainted by evil.

"Incubus 2: Camlann" is a completely new work that has undergone a major evolution in every aspect, such as high-level graphics that surpass the previous work, redesigned operability and UI, new systems, and a world map that's several times larger than before.

An immersive world!
From snowfields to deserts, you're free to walk through a breathtakingly beautiful world. Watch out for dangerous demons and look for clues to save the land of Camlann. Events in various places will be recorded in a "Diary", which may be a hint for your investigation.

In this game, we not only pursued the maximum quality of appearance, but also paid attention to the details in terms of acoustics. The world is full of immersiveness that makes you want to stop walking and enjoy the scenery in front of you once in a while.

Enhanced strategies!
With the new "Craft" system, you can now create potions and items with various effects that can give you an advantage in combat. You need to find the smelting method drawings in order to create them. In addition, various kinds of herbs necessary for item crafting can be collected from the natural world.

You may actively search for those drawings because some of them could enable you to create powerful magic items, which give you more strategies to choose in combat.

Enjoy H scenes from any angle!
You will be violated if you failed to resist an incubus. Once you see the H scene, it will be added to the collection in a "Book of Delusions". The "Book of Delusions" can also be obtained from the drop after defeating incubuses. You can collect various situations from various kinds of enemies.

The gallery mode is still available so you can browse the collected H scenes at your own pace.

System Requirements
[Recommended] Intel Core i5 7th generation or later
[Recommended] 6 GB or more
[Required] 16 GB available
[Recommended] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or higher







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