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Circle: bon-no strategy
Release: Feb/26/2021
Translator: pk2000
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Married Woman, Bitch/Slut, Cheating/Adultery, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Sex Industry/Soapland, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Pregnancy / Impregnation, Lesbian
File size: 812.06 MB
BUG FIX – This bug fix is not included in the torrent.
Translator Note:
completed the basic stuff (everything should appear in english except for common event #219 and #222)
With her husband away on a business trip, our heroine turns to the world of VR to seek out new and
exciting stimuli. But her experiences in the virtual world begin to affect who she is in reality…
This is a game about a housewife whose gets in too deep in search of virtual sexual delights,
and ends up crossing the line into real-life perversions.
Cheating, sugar daddies, prostitution… when she’s done it in VR, she’s less hesitant to do it IRL.
– Spend your days doing different things by using your activity points.
– Get to know a sub character, and you’ll be able to cheat with them…
– There are certain quests like brothels and dating sites that you can unlock, too!
– Battles are simple, action-oriented affairs where sub characters act as support.
– You get raped when you lose, so you’ll be able to start over.
– Being attacked can sometimes induce status effects!
[Status Effects]
– Events and pose arts change according to active status effects.
– Pregnancy is possible outside the game, too (the in-universe game. Or maybe this game, too!)
[Raising Money]
– Collect game coins in the VRMMO to purchase items.
– You can get coins by defeating enemies or doing special H scenes.
– Buy the in-game IRL charge card to get even more money!
Cheating, sugar daddies, dating sites, soaplands, pregnancy, parasitism,
bulging bellies, gigantified tits, futanari, and more!
[Game Content]
21 main character scenes
2 sub character scenes
18 cut-ins
Partial voices
Multiple endings
Gallery mode
[System Details]
Created using RPG Maker MV.
Resolution: 1280×720


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