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Circle: Milk Seeki
Release: 2015-10-17 Japanese, 2021-02-04 English
Translator: Daedroth
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fantasy, Violation, Bestiality, Interspecies Sex, Corrupted Morals, Big Breasts
File Size: 645.87 MB

Full save included
Press F5 in-game for Volume Control

* Story
To work, toil, labor... The holiest of obligations. Till death we part.
In one village, this is the case. The villagers burdened with quotas, their liberty restrained.
But not for our heroine Elena who still lives with her parents.
No, she has a different plan in mind...

* System
In game pose art ON/OFF and message window can be hidden temporarily.
H scenes re-viewable
Message skip button and battle part increased speed setting.
8 direction movement
Sound settings (there is no voice in this game)
Game resolution is 640x480
Generally, you will not end up Game Over (being returned to the title screen) even if you lose a battle. Instead, you are likely to end up with an H scene when you lose or perform certain actions in town.

* Contents
Inter species sex / bestiality, machine r*pe, consensual sex, outdoors sex, prostitution, unconscious sex, drugs, falling to the dark side, molestation, shota, birth... etc

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):



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