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Circle: dieselmine
Release: Dec/03/2017
Translator: TwinDragon
Language: English ( TD: Machine translation done , converting into good readable English in progress )
Work Format: RPG
Genre: No Reverse, Successive Orgasms, Woman Rapes Man, Submissive Man, Angel/Demon, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Male protagonist, Shota, Loli, MILF, Romance, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Animated, Voiced, Lesbian, Rape, Female domination, Harem, Sex toys, Multiple endings, Oral sex, Group sex, Titfuck, Religion, Successive orgasms, Toys, Reverse rape
File Size: 1.04GB

While working at a bar, the protagonist was asked to draw water.
Upon picking up a mysterious stone he found there, he was whelmed by light.

When he woke up, he finds himself in a country of succubi......!

Various types of lewd demons draw near to him. He has to store
a certain amount of magic energy in order to get back to his original world!

What he will eventually face would be escape, or destiny to be a
sperm slave forever... His kismet all depends on your actions!

- Cumsqueezed in intense cowgirl sex by a succubus off-street!
- Cast rejuvenating magic in a church and cumsucked like infantilized!
- Sucked dry of sperm as ingredient of magic potion by a special machine in witch's mansion!
- Set as a teaching material in sex education class in an academyl!?
- Clung as a body pillow until morning after reverse r*pe in cowgirl style by a mistress of bar!
- Vulgarly given assjob in a tailor!
- Given breastfeeding handjob by a noble succubus!
- The lord succubus sit on face and cumsucks using her tail!

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