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Developer/Publisher: BaseSon
Release: JP 2007-01-26 / EN 2011-02-28
Work Format: Visual Novel , Simulation
Genre: Strategy, Harem, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Virgin Sex, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Vaginal Sex, Loli, Handjob, Japanese Game, Voiced, Multiple Endings, Lesbian, Watersports, Incest, Titfuck, Footjob, Multiple Penetration, Bukkake, BDSM
File size: 2.87GB

As the young college student, Kazuto, your adventure begins when a confrontation with a burglar ends with you being spirited away to the past. As you come to your senses in a long stretch of prairie land, you are astounded to discover that you have in fact traveled back into the time of the Three Kingdoms. 

Before long, you are accosted by a group of armed men who are none too happy by your sudden appearance. Luckily, a black-haired, spear-carrying beauty saves you from their wrath, for she believes that you have descended from the heavens and will help her quell the ongoing war that plagues the land.

As you prepare for the game portion of the novel, you are given the option to choose the character routes for your playthrough. The main characters are Kan’u, Chouhi, and Shokatsuryou, beautiful girls who also happen to be generals. 

You battle as the commander of your own units and you quickly learn to strategize your attacks with the necessary infantry. You formulate the very best type of attack in order to defeat the enemy and bring back some much-needed peace in this tumultuous era!

Key Features
- Epic Visual Novel
- Gameplay within novel
- NSFW patch
- Hentai imagery
- Historical fantasy


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