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Technical Informations:
  • Uncompressed: ~91GB
  • Compressed (download): ~21,2GB
  • Recommended Specs: 3GB of free RAM, a atleast semi decent CPU + a decent GPU or you will have a hard time. SSD highly recommended

Generic Text:

They are still a few messed up items & duplicates in, I'm just tired of even reading this game title anymore, so this where I'll stop.
Base game / Studio / StudioNEO / BattleArena are working from what the around 100 people that are already playing told me.
Do you need to install anything else?...Well that depends. This should pretty much cover everything you can find, like mentioned before, some cards may need manual adjustment, some items may don't appear correctly, but so far every card was fixable in 1-2 minutes.
Also pretty much every error from FR2 should be fixed here.

The main reason why this is even here: Because of people, who asked me everyday about FR2 and when I would make FR3. I didn't want to let them down, so here you go.
There will be no FR4 or big updates anymore.
  • A lot of mods... look at the unpacked size.
  • About 500 clothing presets
  • 460 tested pre-installed cards
  • A lot of clothing options, leading each tab might take a few seconds.
  • A lot of body customization's (4k Skins / 390 SkinTexOverlays / different bodys)
  • Pre-installed everything else that you need (uncensored / english / the essential stuff)
  • The ability to easily fix all upcoming problems with possible ID conflicts.
  • No more problems with Roy's cards (still need a little polish to be able to use them, but that takes about 5 sec [video tutorial included])
Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Ahegao, Character Creation, School Setting, 3D Game, Voiced, Lesbian, Rape, Futa/Trans, Dating Sim, Simulator

Tiếng Anh

#=Idon'twanttotouchthisgameeveragain.LikeReally,I'm done#1
Extract to -> Final Repack 3.5\HoneySelect_64_Data 
  • Download the file
  • Extract the file where you want to
  • Download the hotfix and apply it
  • Run the registry fix
  • Open the settings and configure to your desire
  • Run the game / Studio
  • Fap

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  1. There should be 'HoneySelect_64_Data'
    folder next to the executable
    lỗi này là sao ạ

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    1. có cách giải quyết ko ạ

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    bạn chỉ cần giải nén sang 1 ổ đĩa khác là đc
    VD như bạn tải về ở ổ D thì giải nén sang ổ E là chơi đc nhé

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    1. lam sao tai ve dc vay ban

    2. Bạn tải ứng dụng torrent về
      bấm vào link torrent ở trên
      tải nó về, bật torrent lên rồi tải tiếp
      link ở trên nhẹ nên ko phải game đâu, tải về là 22gb, giải nén là 91gb nhé

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  6. thanh nao biet cach tai may cai mod nay ko chi zum tks

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