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Circle: miconisomi
Release: Sep/28/2018
Genre: Breasts, Bukkake, Breast Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Big Breasts

* Story
There is a luxury nightclub with demi-human hostesses known as "Demi-Stage Cafe".
In the guise of a restaurant, the hostesses provide customers with sexual service.
Let's train the hostesses in your favorite ways with lewd orders in your hands.

- Hardcore Realtime 3D!
- Every single sex position is elaborated in pursuit of the quality! 
- Presented with lots of different situations, including abnormal ones. A huge volume! 
- Massive bukkake with well-depicted sperm fluid!!
- It's moving! On/Off X-ray view is selectable.
- Real-time events make you deeply immersed in the world!
- Easy control with a keypad
- The range of the customization function is further widened!
- The hostesses are FULLY voiced with plenty of dirty words!


Ver 1.04

Ver 1.03 (English-UnCen)

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