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Title: Eiyuu*Senki
Original title: 英雄*戦姫
Genre: eroge RPG
Length: Long (30 - 50 hours)
Year: Japan 2012-03-30, English Patch 2015-11-12
Developer: Tenco
Publishers: Tenco, 5pb. & Fruitbat Factory
Language: English
Voice: Japanese

Conquer the world with an army of moe moe girls in this highly-anticipated adult strategy game. As leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world full of cute and powerful girls, all of whom are based on real historical figures. There's Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler, even Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci! Control over seventy playable characters designed by Ooyari Ashito of Littlewitch fame. Using a fun and sophisticated gameplay system, you will strengthen your army, conquer enemy territories, and build your very own harem of moe heroines. The world is your oyster—now reach out and take it!

Note: Game theo dạng chiến thuật, chơi sidequet để lấy lòng tin các em. Đến lúc nào đó sẽ được chịch. Chọn Route chiếm đóng cẩn thận, game khá khó nếu chọn sai.
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1. You have to change locale to Japanese.

2. No need to install.

3. Known Issues:
- H-scenes are not translated. This is directly ripped translation from PS3 version (All-Ages).
- When in ADV mode, text sometimes doesn’t fit into the window, but it still should be readable.
- There may be issues with backlog formatting. Skill descriptions in combat may also have formatting issues.
- Some HCG might be missing even though they show up in the gallery.

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