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Title: Dungeon of Corruption
Language: English
Size: 482 MB

Apostle of Light, Eliska

     Eliska is princess of the the Holy Shasta Kingdom, known as the Evangelical Maiden Knight. 

     She wields her blade in the name of justice and the God of Light’s creed, beating back the forces of darkness which attempt to invade her kingdom’s borders. She is quite popular among the populace despite her strictness.

Apostle of Darkness, Griselda
Griselda is the withdrawn general who gathered all the non-humans of the Grumadia Kingdom under one flag. She is merciless to those who do not worship the Darkness and has destroyed many smaller nations with her armies. Her ruthless nature has led to her being known as the Abyss Knight of Anguish.

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System Required: 
Required CPU:Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
Recommended CPU:Core 2 Duo E6300
Required Memory:1GB
Recommended Memory:2GB
Required Resolution:1280x768
Required Colors:Full Color
Sounds:OGG, DirectSound
Required HDD Free Space:600MB or More

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