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Circle : Unko morimori maru
Release : Aug/29/2017


This is the tale of world where their exist monsters who are a threat to humanity 
and the Shrine Maiden Exorcists that stand up courageously to fight against them!

* A Battle Focused Especially Erotic Female Protagonist Adult Only RPG!
The setting is a small town in rural Japan, control one young exorcist girl named 
Setsuna to fight against the monsters that have suddenly begun to reappear!

* The monsters will attempt to 'steal' the source of her Miko powers.
For a Shrine Maiden Exorcist is their favorite delicacy. 
Be careful of their prying gaze and lewd grasp... 
These monsters will mercilessly assail the erogenous zones!

* Erotic Battles! Setsuna will have no time to take a short breathe 
as the onslaught of salaciously sexy attacks rains down upon her, 
ripping her clothing to shreds and restricting her body from movement!

ALL of the above... reflected in the in battle Pose Art!

Restrains, erotic fluids, ripped and shredded clothing...
Enjoy the debaucherous display of Setsuna as she is violated in battle!

* Proceed through the game freely, like a breeze, 
You can head to the dungeon straight away. No need to read the opening 
event if you are not interested and you can teleport directly to any area that 
you have already complete. Where you go, is up to you.

Text skipping, event fastening up, difficulty settings, dungeon escape, 
there be various user friendly features implemented for hassle free game play.


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