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Title : プリンセス・オブスィーン ~色欲に墜ちるエルフの姫~ / Princess Obscene ~Elven Princess Falleth To Lust~
Brand : 青色ハッキョウダイオード / Blue Mad Diode
Release : 2017/10/07
File size : 1.04GB

Elven Princess Lilia stands up to fight against an army of demons 
in this 8 way directional movement bird's eye view action game. 
In order to save her little brother she succumbs to...

Founded by Elves, there be a Kingdom of Magic, Esteria.
One day, the Demon Army "Goetia" invades Eseria and lays waste to the Elven defenses...
The castle is ransacked and the kingdom's subjects captured as slaves...

Thankfully however, Lilia, the Princess of Esteria, and her younger brother Prince Phil 
were successful in escaping the onslaught and made their way into an underground 
safe-hold but... they could not run forever and the malicious hands of Goetia reached 
out to snatch away from Lilia her cherished younger brother...

But all was not lost... before Lilia a mysterious girl by the name of Sairi appeared 
and granted her a strange staff. With that staff, she would gain the power to stand 
up against the demon forces and rescue her little brother Phil!

Thus Lilia head off to the Goetia fortress... 
To begin her battle... a battle ridden with lust and violation!.

[Game Overview]
8 way directional movement bird's eye view action game.
Use a number of different shots and magic to fight against 
the demon forces and rescue your younger brother Phil!

5 stages in total + extra
Playtime for one game is approximately 1~1.5 hours.
Playtime for unlocking all the CG is approximately 3~4 hours.

- Clothing Damage System
As you take damage, the character will proceed from 
"Dress" > "Lingerie" > "Naked with Socks" and when 
she finally reaches ZERO life, it will be Game Over 
with an appropriate defeat animation sequence.

- For those that aren't particularly great at action games, there is a kind of cheat mode called "ObSINity" that will transform the character into a licentious agent of darkness 
who is invincible, moves super fast and shoots powerful projectiles.

- Upon Game Over, After Effects animated scenes will be displayed.

- Sex with the Magician Loaf
On each stage there are points where you can have sex with the magician 
to unlock and gain access to new types of shots and charge skills.

- The Fig of Knowledge
A Tentacle Type Magitek Device created by a mysterious girl named Sairi.
By injecting into Lilia the "SOUL" fragments she picks up along her way, 
Lilia's MAX LIFE and other such parameters will be enhanced.

- Upon beginning the game, you can choose from 
"EASY" "NORMAL" and "HARD" difficulty.
- CG gallery, reminiscence mode, anime playback implemented
- Key Config / Game Pad Compatible (Xbox Controller confirmed to work)

[Erotic CG]
- Contains; violation, tentacles, pregnant belly, corruption by pleasure, 
innocent ignorance, creampie, vore, tentacle irrumatio, whole body tentacle titillation, 
cumbath, anal r*pe, orgy, slavery upon defeat, genital expansion and more situations!
- 27 After Effects Anime + 4 still images = 31 total CG

- If reducing her HP is a hassle, just press the Delete key to force her to 100 HP.
- For those who find action games difficult, there is 100% unlocked save data 
in the 'omake' (bonus) folder. If you use this you can view the CG without even 
having to play through the game.



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