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Title : チャイナ・インフェルノ / CHINA INFERNO
Brand : アトリエわだつみ / AtelierWadatsumi
Release : 2017/09/30
File size : 3.07GB

Special Operative China-006 will face a pandemonium gauntlet of hellish Ryona!

Using the latest 2D Game Engine, Atelier Wadatsumi rises once more!
...bringing to you another another watery masterpiece from the murky depths.

10 years of technological progress awaits you! Be amazed by their finely 
tweaked erotic scenes and the sheer accumulation of condensed vindication!

[Game Contents]
- With over 150 cuts of animation this game has been 
thoroughly created with no regards to profitability!

- The physics engine utilizes "Box2D" for REAL movement.

- Special focus has been placed on control-ability 
and the visually stimulating brutal Ryona system. 
By all means, do check out this stunningly beautiful Erotic ACT!

[Main Situations]
- In this erotic action game where you control the female protagonist China-006, 
the main focus are the erotic and ryona (brutality) defeat scenes.

- Almost all scenes are China-006, in her micro-bikini, swimming around 
in an enemy infested underwater fortress at the bottom of the ocean.

- Erotic scenes mainly feature; violation, interspecial sex, vore, skewering, 
death by explosion, crushing, electrocution, underwater restrain, drowning, 
hypnotically induced masturbation, etc!

- The erotic scenes in this game are generally hardcore, underwater violation!
(There is no depiction of severed limbs or intestinal spillage, just drowning.
For those that are squeamish when it comes to gore, you need not worry.)

- An Action Game. Does not require godlike reflexes but there are some nasty traps.
If you can figure out the pattern, then it shouldn't be too difficult to clear.
Play time is approximately 2~4 hours for a 'normal' player (depends on your skill)

- Upon clearing a stage, the game will autosave. 
(allowing you to select that stage whenever you want to play it)

- If you die along the way, you can continue from just before dying.
If you are ever stuck, pressing the "Q" key will display hints.

- There are a total of 24 stages with various different systems!

- At first the system has a block destroying restraint game and 
a shooting like restraint game. After which you get to control 
the character in a 360 degree movable 2D scrolling action style.

- All modes are created with user friendly control-ability in 
mind so anyone should be able to play and enjoy this game. 
(The necessary controls are the arrow keys and Z only!)



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