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Original title: 恋想リレーション -れんそうりれーしょん
Romaji title: Rensou Relation
Released: 2015.05.29
Company: Lump of Sugar


"Don't worry, I'll get in somewhere."

That was what I, Sakurazaka Shinnosuke, answered to worriedly asking Ryou.

Results for various entrance examinations were being published. My first choice had ended in an unfortunate result, but I didn't mind that much. Parting with my best friend does feel a bit lonely, but it's not like we'd be parting for good. Instead, let's get our hopes up on making some new acquaintances.

Spring, in other words, the season of love! I'm sure there's a super-cute girl just waiting for my arrival somewhere - probably.

As usual, my positivity knew no bounds.

Despite my positive expectations, the impossible happened. Even after all of the results were published, no letter of admission had found it's way to my hands. Lets see... Could it actually be that...?

"What are you going to do now, onii-chan?" asks my cousin, Yuuko, worriedly. Jjjj, just wa-wait a second. T-th-there's no need to pa-panic. Thinking after relaxing a bit and I'm sure there's some way to somewhere...

As I was about to run for the hills leaving reality behind, there was a call from my homeroom teacher.

"Go take an interview at Amami Gakuin and you might just get lucky."

Amami Gakuin. A popular new school in my hometown Shiroha-chou and one known for being very hard to get in due to countless applicants. Of course with my mental prowess getting in would be hard, to put it mildly. Nonetheless, a special opening for one local of the area seems yet to be filled due to an unexpected vacancy.

Feeling as if the heavens had bestowed a miracle upon him, what will be waiting to come?

Countless imaginations have been set free and know no bounds!

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