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Tên phim: Heartwork - Love Guns ; Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction
Số tập: 3/3
Ngày phát hành: 28/08/2003
Nhà phát hành:  Media Blasters
Nhóm Sub: Hentai Homies

Tóm Tắt nội dung (English):
The fiendish gun to which that makes the person deviate whom it has, continues to inhale no human thing blood.
A certain day, Asakura superior obtains that gun accidentally. In the bag where the gun has entered the mass cash and video of request for the assassination by the person of puzzle... the owner of the original bag was the hit man who is called the hunter.

It faces to the actual place of assassination, as a hunter uniting with the woman angel of puzzle superior, there, he means to assassinate the target.

As for superior, selecting one some kind of destiny?
And, as for this dangerous game expecting first death, or...

Hình Minh Họa:

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EP 01

EP 02

EP 03
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