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Romanji title: Zettai Seifuku ☆ Gakuen Kessha Panyanyanda!!
Official title: ぜったい征服☆学園結社パニャニャンダー!! 
 Developer: softhouse-seal GRANDEE
‘Good’ and ‘evil’ are like water and oil, constantly battling against each other. Both good and evil corporations strive to create the best goods and offer the lowest prices to the public. People have acknowledged ‘evil’ as being essential to the development of society, and in fact, evil corporations are viewed as being great places to work at. The world is now full of evil corporations, schools, convenience stores and television stations. There’s a saying that evil doesn’t prosper, but that’s exactly the world we live in now.

There are many tales about the legendary evildoer. She is said to have lived myriads of years as a youkai. She is said to have sunk the lost continent of Mu. She is said to have defeated a ferocious dinosaur which had awakened from a deep slumber with her bare hands.

Shiki heard about this from the evil news program and wanted to become a legendary evildoer one day too. However, even though he was born to two ‘evil’ parents, he had a critical obstacle blocking him from the path of evil: he was a ‘good person’ at heart. He can’t draw eyebrows on a puppy out of pity. He can’t cross a road while it’s red even if there is no traffic. No matter how small the evil deed, he has not been successful even once.

One day, he heard a rumour that the legendary evildoer whom he greatly admired had become the principal at a school training students to be evil. He decided to transfer into Evil Panyanyanda Akugyou Gakuen to rid his uselessness in doing evil and learn from the very best.


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